New illustrations


Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun with my old sketchbook illustrations, rendering them (so I call them new but if you follow my work you will recognize some of them) and right now I’m using the new designs in my Rage On Shop which is updated about weekly.

Work is going smoother, juggling motherhood and business is no walk in the park but I’m finally getting the hang of things. This makes me more busy so actually I have an illustration I need to finish today and so I have to leave you already. Thank you for following my work here and see you soon!



Gouache 2017


I found old acrylic on canvas pieces that I made a long time ago and decided to paint something new on top of it. I blocked out the old piece using acrylics and then I used gouache for the new artwork.

Have a lovely friday, weekend is coming up! Yay!

Shop News



I finally got a new place where you can find my designs and buy them.

I wasn’t sure where to go and used to be a bit here and there but the internet changes and we adapt. You can head over and look at my Tea Tricks shirt on the new shop platform called Rage On. The designs are also available on canvas and some home decor, it’s not just clothes. I do love the big comfy sweatshirts though, they are my go-to outfit (sweather + yogapants + glasses= cat lady sans cat look).

I used the designs from my “I can’t even…” coloringbook available on Amazon for a lot of the designs. It feels nice to see them on shirts, never thought my sketchbook girls could be so useful haha




It’s nearly Spring now in Sweden and I’ve spent the larger part of Winter being sick in various colds so I need my time, I’m so behind my work schedule it’s not even funny. With that update: my manuscript calls. See you around darlings!

Viral Ink


So flu season isn’t quite over yet it seems. These new ink works are probably part ink and part virus, not quite my idea of going viral. I can’t wait to get better, there are many exciting things awaiting just around the corner. For now please enjoy my “Copycat” and “Fly Queen”.


I’ll tell you more later.



I can’t even….


Hey! Look who’s back! Time has been brutal, well so was my health. I had a problem with my drawing arm holding me back for weeks but now I’m back and healed! I did get something done in my absence, and that is finally getting my coloringbook published. It’s available on and Barnes & Noble to name a few. I already ordered a few samples so I can try the quality of the paper, will upload a proper Vlog once my books arrive, guessing end of Jan.

My new sheets of Arches paper arrived as well, so there will be a couple of more updates shortly. Wishing you a lovely January, for my fellow winter hemisphere friends – hang in there. Sun is crawling back on the sky, slowly but surely.